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Help in Research

If you want to conduct a survey with the help of questionnaire or simulation data then check our services.

Statistical Analyses

If you are interested in writing a statistical survey or for revelavant advice in research then contact us.


BasisPap can help in training university students business executives in Mathematics, Statistics, Statistical Package Management, Business Research and Statistical Programming.

BSc/MSc Thesis

BasisPap can help with the research part of your assgnment, Thesis or research paper Desertion, MSc and PhD as well as writing of research papers. We can also help you with your assignments.

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Our services

Through the MS Access application you can have fully parameterized Database solutions for small sized companies.


Social research such as The effect of dissuasive images on smoking, οικονομικές έρευνες κλπ.

Statistical Analyses

Αναλύσεις με SPSS/PSPP, analyses with R, analyses with EViews, analyses with Minitab and analyses with gretl


We provide training services for students and business executives

Creating applications and automations

We can build applications in Excel and Access for any small and medium

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